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Advance Competency Catamaran

The Advanced Competency Catamaran is designed for seasoned boaters with at least 40 hours of drive time under their belt. A chance to drive a 48 footer catamaran. They also need to have completed their basic program. This program will not delve too much into the basics of boating but will assume that the boaters have sufficient experience and knowledge to boat safely. It will simple focus on the difference between driving and handling a smaller craft like a bowrider and a bigger craft with twin engines.

Pre-requisites of this training will include:
1. Completion of basic competency program
2. Clocked at least 40 hours of charter time on one of TBSA's boats
  • Course Content
  • Catarman Layout
  • Bilge pump Settings
  • After removing shore power
  • Starting Aircon
  • Open top deck door
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Starting Of Craft
  • Boat reaction
  • Control (Loss of steering)
  • Control (1 engine failure)
  • Anchoring
  • Berthing Abreast
  • Unberthing
  • Docking - crew communiation
  • Shore power connection
  • End trip after attaching shore power
  • Map and allowed place
  • Practical Handling
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed